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Wondering if CBD for Weight Loss Works? Here’s the Answer

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Lifestyle

The sun may be setting on September, but that doesn’t mean the quest for that perfect beach bod is over. Now is the time of year for people looking to shed some of that summer bloat and those proactively planning for holiday sweets to start thinking about their wellness goals. CBD for weight loss has become a trending topic in recent years after word spread about the cannabinoid’s ample benefits. But does taking CBD for weight loss actually work? We combed through medical research and uncovered the answer everyone was hoping to hear.


Benefits of CBD for weight loss


We know that CBD is a product of the cannabis plant—so by association, a lot of people will assume that CBD gives you the munchies in the same way marijuana does. But it turns out the opposite is true.

When CBD interacts with molecules and CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), research shows that it can:

  • Cause a reduction in appetite1
  • Help control obesity1
  • Turn white fat cells into brown fat cells2

While the change in the color of fat cells may not sound like much, it’s actually a big deal. White fat is associated with chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, while brown fat is thought to enhance the body’s ability to burn calories.

On the whole, researchers have found that cannabinoids like CBD have a positive influence on:

  • Metabolism and metabolic disorders like high blood pressure and high cholesterol3
  • Pain and inflammation levels4
  • Sleep patterns5


CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid that may help


It’s clear that CBD for weight loss has plenty of advantages, but there is another cannabinoid out there that might be even better. Like CBD, THCV is a product of the cannabis plant that many people are turning to as part of a weight loss program because it does not cause a euphoric high. And like CBD, THCV has been shown to reduce food consumption and weight gain6, along with minimizing glucose intolerance that can lead to obesity7.


CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid that may help Featured Image


Just how beneficial is THCV for weight loss? It’s been dubbed “diet weed” by enthusiasts. And don’t forget that in instances where multiple cannabinoids—CBD and THCV, for instance—are present in a product, the benefits of each become heightened due to a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.


CBD for weight loss with Liweli


Liweli has a variety of CBD products that may be able to help with weight loss. Not only can our Focus Melts help with mental clarity, but these mint-flavored focus-finders are formulated with 5mg of THCV per melt and are easy to pop at just the right time.

We also have CBD drink mixes that boost your immunity and make you feel better for those days you just need a little extra push. Plus, all of our products are organically grown, plant-based and third-party tested and validated, which supports a healthy lifestyle. 

Best of luck on your CBD for weight loss journey!


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