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Why I Founded Liweli

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Notes From Chondita | 0 comments

Hi friends, Chondita here, founder of Liweli and sufferer* of low-grade pain. 

It’s hard to know when it started. It sort of crept up on me slowly and innocently, the way some of the other unfortunate signs of aging have, too. (Hello, new line on forehead).  It definitely got a bit worse after having kids.  Rarely a day went by without something — back, neck, head, wrists — hurting. 

When I spoke with friends about how I felt, I realized I wasn’t alone in having a persistent case of the achies. My observation was met with groans and helpless laughter. I guess this is just what being (almost) 40 feels like, I thought, as I found myself reluctantly reaching for ibuprofen.   

In troubleshooting my own pain, I’ve explored many avenues of non-traditional medicine, including kinesiology, guasha, acupuncture (fun fact: my acupuncturist was also my wedding officiant), cupping, rolfing, thai massage, reflexology, chiropractic treatment…the list goes on. These therapies have been powerful, but expensive, and with two little ones, scheduling them is nearly impossible — and that was before the pandemic. 

As I conducted more research into underlying causes of body ache, nearly all chronic conditions trace back to one root cause: inflammation. So I wondered, is there a better (i.e. effective, convenient, budget-friendly) way to deal with the root cause without going full Goop?  And that’s when Liweli was born.

Pronounced Le-WELL-ee, we have one goal: to make you feel like you again. Our CBD-centric solutions are fast-acting and plant-based. I’m especially proud of our first product, the Super Lemon Drink Mix. Yes, yes, I know, there are a zillion CBD products out there, but this one is special, and here’s why:

  • Water-soluble CBD. This required some real science, but the resulting product technology means that you get more relief, faster.   
  • Easy-to-use drink mix format. Think of us as the Emergen-C of CBD. Just add water and we’ll handle the rest. (No tinctures or capsules.) 
  • Plant-based. Our hemp is organically grown and harvested right here in the USA. That’s right, organic.  

So give us a try and let us know what you think!


*I guess we can say former suffer now.

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